How to use Bulk SEO Content Checker?

Bulk SEO Content Checker is an enhanced version of SEO Content Checker

It helps to execute faster the following tasks:

  • Make a content audit for a list of your websites pages.
  • Make a content audit for a list of pages from specific SERP.

Below is an easy step by step guide of using Bulk SEO Content Checker.


1. Make a copy of this Google Sheet




2. Paste API token (that you can find in your profile)  as it shown in the screenshot




3. Paste URLs and keywords across of them 

You can paste as a list of URLs with one domain name such a list of URLs with different domain names. Across page addresses paste keywords by which you want to check SEO content optimization. 




4. Push "Start checking" button and wait some time until all checks will finished

1 row takes 1 document. You also can go to a detailed content audit by each page if you need it (use links in "Processing message" column).



5. Analyze the collected data

Use filters, conditional formatting, vlookup functions etc. to process data. 

If you compare URLs from top, try to find patterns those help to get better positions in SERP.

If you check URLs from the own website, try to identify which of the pages need to be improved.




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