How to use SERP Keyword Research Tool?


1. Choose keywords, language and search engine




Enter the keywords by which you want to rank your page. Choose language and search engine. After clicking Send tool will collect TOP pages in SERP by chosen keywords.


2. Select domains for research depends on their relevance



At this stage, pay attention to the relevance of collected URLs. Sometimes there are different types of answer by the same queries in SERP.


3. Select domains for research depends on their content



This is the second stage of selection. You can view content of each page with quick links and select pages you like the most of all. 


4. Explore the general comparison of competitors' content



After choosing URLs, tool research content in the body and meta tags of all selected competitors. In the basic info you see general suggestions for your content. In the advanced info you can explore the most used keywords, bigrams and trigrams by competitors.


5. Use bigrams and trigrams to create a comprehensive content structure


Bigrams and trigrams help to find unobvious keywords and topics. It helps to make content structure more complete.



6. Use collected data to create a task for content writer



If you delegate writing the content to freelancer, subordinate or agency it's better to detail the parameters of text you want to get. Choose what keywords must be included in title, h1, description and content using easy-to-use interface.


7. Add some tips to customize task



Use Notes to customize your requirements. This is a finishing step. Now you can download your task in .doc format and send it to the performer.

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